Saturday, September 11, 2010

We will Always Remember....

Thank you to all that serve in the military, fire and police!! We appreciate you!!
We will never forget!!
I just love my digital studios!! You can put pages together in minutes!!
This is a page of my son Garrett who is currently serving in Afghanistan, we are so proud of him!!
He is safe and doing well, we are so thankful!! We continue to keep the families of all of his buddies who have lost there lives in the Ft hood shootings and in Afghanistan in our prayers!!
About this page....
At the top left he is in his gunners hatch, then top right, he is sleeping while they are waiting for a rescue after a 30+ hour mission, bottom left, is just a couple weeks ago, he was home on his 2 week R&R so I was thrilled to have all my boys home together at the same time, along wiht Garrett's wife Kristen!! Jake and Eric are both away at college now and in Army ROTC. The ironic thing is, my husband missed that day we were all together, because he was recalled by the Coast Guard to the Oil Spill. He is now home, and got to spend quailty time with Garrett before he went back to Afghanistan, just missed the boys leaving for college!

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  1. Julia, awesome page! Tell you son that I apprecaite all he is doing to serve our country!!!! May God Bless him!!!!!